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průmyslové osvětlení

Our services

We provide complex services starting with a project up to installation in a broad area of illumination technique:

  • area illumination of interiors and exteriors;
  • celebratory and architectonical illumination of rooms, facades, historical monuments;
  • illumination of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, sports fields;
  • emergency lighting.

We provide technical consulting in the area of illumination, process studies and technical calculations on the basis of the project documentation, supply luminaries as well as warranty and after-warranty services to architects, designers, investors and suppliers tailored to their ideas, imaginations and expected effects:

  • selection and design of luminaries and illumination systems;
  • establishment of requirements based on valid Czech and European standards and regulations;
  • technical illumination design incl. calculation and assessment of conjugated illumination;
  • technical illumination design – illumination calculation incl. 3-D modelling with visualisation of brightness distribution on surfaces;
  • optimization in dependence on purchase and operation costs;
  • design of intelligent illumination control incl. economic evaluation;
  • supplies of luminaries incl. light sources, wholesale, retail;
  • supplies of luminaries with installation;
  • warranty, after-warranty service;
  • illumination measurement.
Studies and projects are processed by the RELUX software, which belongs to the European top and uses original data on luminaries provided by producers. Our company participated in the software localisation to Czech language.