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About us

We have been active in the area of illumination since 1991. We have thorough complex knowledge and long-term experience achieved in preparation and execution of a number of important and broad projects. Our stabilised and flexible team of designers, engineers and salesmen deals with all requirements of our partners and customers at a high professional level knowing actual trends in illumination design and technology. We provide consulting and processing of technical illumination studies and projects, execute supplies of luminaries, have wholesale and retail activities.

We represent important foreigh partners – luminaries producers in the Czech market: XAL, REGENT, WILA, NORKA, MEYER, GHIDINI, MOLTO LUCE, KALMAR, HOLOPHANE.

Co-operation with these companies based on own development and laboratories is a guarantee of quality, aesthetics and innovations. Thanks to this, we are able to execute projects fulfilling ideas and requirements of every customer.

We deal with illumination for any type of human activities, starting with simple interior up to intelligent control of illumination connected to complex building control systems.

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